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Looking for avian-safe candles for your store or organization? Good news, because we do wholesale orders! You can order our array of scented candles and wax melts in bulk orders as large as you need, and we’ll deliver it to you in one easy shipment.

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(Minimum orders are in cases of 12 for candles and melts 30)

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Is there a minimum order for wholesale orders?

Yes, our minimum orders are cases of 12 for candles and cases of 30 for wax melts. If you would like to make a larger order, please contact us directly and let us know your requested order size.

Do buyers need a separate wholesale and personal account?

Any parties looking to place a wholesale order must create a separate wholesale account. If you need assistance creating your wholesale account, contact Parrot Safe Candles, and we can make sure the account is set up for you.

Can you make wholesale orders without a business?

Yes, you can still place wholesale orders that are not associated with a retail business. Please note that non-business orders have a minimum purchase quantity of 24 candles or 25 wax melts, both at higher rates than offered to retail companies.

What is the average shipping time?

Please anticipate an average shipping time of within 5-10 business days for any wholesale orders.

Do you offer order tracking?

Yes! You can track your order via USPS or UPS via the tracking number provided to you after purchase.

Can I order a sample before making my wholesale order?

Yes, interested parties can always purchase samples of our products. Our candle and wax melt samples are available for $16.

Do the products have expiration dates?

Neither the candles nor the wax melts have a set expiration date, as both can look new and hold their scent for up to 2 years if sealed and not exposed to light. After this period of time, however, the scent will slowly begin to decay.