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At Parrot Safe Candles, we are pleased to be able to offer candles and wax melts that are safe for parrots, as well as other birds and other animals. They are even a better option for the humans in your household, as they are clean-burning and free of toxic chemicals. 
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Finding candles and wax melts for sale in a local store that are safe to use around birds is essentially impossible. That’s why we’re excited to be able to offer our parrot safe candles and wax melts in our online shop, so that you can purchase our products anywhere in the US. Plus, you can get free shipping on any order of just $35 or more!

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The product that started it all, our parrot safe candles are exactly that: candles that are safe to burn near your beloved companions. With 100% soy wax and a wick made of natural paper and soy, there are absolutely no harmful chemicals or paraffin wax added to help throw the scent. Soy also burns cleaner, resulting in fewer carcinogens being released into the air. Each one of our candles is packaged in a beautiful glass container made of 70% recycled glass with an all-natural cork top, making it perfect to display on a counter even when not in use.

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Wax melts are a great option for bird owners who want to have the warm, inviting scent of a candle, without having an open flame. They are also an excellent alternative to scented plug-ins and products like Scentsy pods and diffusers. Our parrot safe wax melts are available in all of the same scents as our candles, so you can stock up on your favorites. Plus, wax melts allow you to create custom fragrances by combining two or more wax melts. Combine vanilla cream with spiced strudel for the heavenly scent of a bakery, or mix mango banana with coconut lime to transport yourself to a tropical oasis. The possibilities are endless.

What Makes Other Wax Melts Unsafe for Parrots?

Other wax melts — even ones that claim to be soy — often contain paraffin wax, which emits fumes that are harmful to birds when burned. Many also have harsh chemicals that are responsible for the strong odors emitted by other wax melts and scented products.

Wax Warmers for Sale

In order to use our parrot safe wax melts, you’ll need to purchase a wax warmer. We carry several wax warmers in our online shop for your convenience so that you can start using your favorite scented wax melts right away! Our wax warmers are all electric, as this is the safest option to choose if you have pet parrots or other companion birds.

Free Shipping on $35 or More

We are pleased to be able to offer you free shipping on orders of just $35 or more! This low threshold for free shipping makes it easy to save while stocking up on your favorite candles and wax melts in our online shop.

Shop for parrot safe candles and wax melts in our online store today!

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