Repurpose and Recycle — Making Better Use of Old Candle Jars

After filling your home with the wonderful scents from Parrot Safe Candles, you may find yourself with a growing collection of old and used candle jars lying around. Most people may find themselves tossing these old holders into the trash or recycling bin without a thought to how they can repurpose their non-toxic candle holders for something else. However, you can find a new world of uses for these candle jars with a little creativity and cleaning. 

When Is it Time to Stop Using a Glass Candle Jar?

No matter how other candle companies make their candles, one thing remains standard across all brands — you should stop using a candle once you only have ½” left in the jar. With the high-quality candle jars in circulation, it feels like a crime to toss them into the recycling bin without first trying to find another use for them. 

Thoroughly Clean Out the Used Jar

Before reusing your empty candle jar, you need to ensure the jar is completely empty. Removing the remaining unused wax blends will help make more of the glass jar available when you start figuring out how to best reuse it. 

Get Creative With Your Home Decor

Most homeowners want to find unique ways to decorate their homes and infuse their personality into their space. They want to add small personal touches to different rooms to establish themes, moods, and an overall vibe for their home. With a little creativity with their now clean glass candle jars, they can add more personality without leaving their home. 

Depending on the size of the glass jar, people can transform their parrot-safe candleholder into a vase for flowers. You might also want to reuse it as a planter for smaller plants to add more greenery to your mantles. And, of course, you can always use it to keep your candle accessories — matches, wick trimmers, etc. — in one place near your current candle. 

Organize Your Bathroom 

Emptied candle jars can give you new opportunities to finally organize your bathroom in a clear and concise manner. These holders can double as a place to hold your toothpaste and toothbrush for easy access. Additionally, hair accessories and smaller toiletries can fit snugly in your new organizational jar while providing unique contrast to the rest of your bathroom. 

A Helping Hand in Your Kitchen

If you aren’t careful, your kitchen can quickly become one of the most unwieldy rooms in your home in terms of organization. With everything from loose coffee beans, tea bags, assorted candies, utensils, and pet treats found throughout your kitchen, keeping everything organized and in a central location remains paramount. 

If your parrot’s treats can be found all over the house, repurposing a used Parrot Safe Candle jar gives you the chance to come full circle and store the treats inside the jar. Keeping it either in the kitchen or near your feathered friend’s cage can give your home a renewed sense of organization it lacked, and your parrot will thank you for it later!

Reorganize Your Home Office

With more people working from home or adopting a hybrid work week, finding ways to keep their home office organized becomes more important than ever. With a few reused glass candle jars, you can take your home office’s organization up a few notches. Having one jar for pens, one for paper clips, and another for your most used craft supplies gives you enhanced easy access to your daily essentials. 

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