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Parrot Safe Wax Warmers Available Online

At Parrot Safe Candles, we are committed to our line of avian-friendly products that allow you to fill your home with your favorite scents without compromising the well-being of your bird. While candles are the traditional method of dispersing a pleasant scent throughout your home, many people are deciding to use scented melts. To use our avian safe wax melts, you’ll need to purchase a wax warmer if you don’t already own one. All of the wax warmers we have available online are parrot safe, electric wax warmers. While some wax warmers make use of a tea light candle to heat the wax, this is not safe to use around your birds, as the small candle may contain ingredients that are toxic to your bird.
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We offer several wax warmers to choose from that are parrot safe, sleek, and stylish. Each one features a removable ceramic dish for easy clean-up. You can find a warmer that fits with your home’s decor, and then browse our online shop for your favorite scented wax melts!

How do wax warmers work?

Wax warmers use a small heat source — usually, either a light bulb or the flame from a tea light candle — to melt wax that sits in a small dish above. As the wax is slowly heated, it releases its fragrance into the air, the same way that a candle does when it’s lit.

For parrot owners, choosing an electric wax warmer is the safest option. This way, you don’t need to worry about any toxic fumes from a tea light candle, and you only need to be concerned about the type of wax that you choose to melt.

With the electric wax warmers that we sell, the wax that you put in the dish will melt in about 30 minutes. Once melted, it will continue to release its scent into the air for as long as it stays heated. After you turn off the unit, the wax will cool and harden, allowing you to use it again next time. If you wish to use a different scent, you can remove the cooled wax. The dish in which the wax sits is removable so that it can easily be washed off.

Find your wax warmer online today!

Sometimes, when you share your home with birds or any other animal, it does not smell as fresh as you might like it to. Other times, you just want to fill your home with a warm and pleasant scent evocative of the mood of the season. Whatever the reason, you can purchase a wax warmer that is safe for parrots and other birds, and start using it with your favorite avian safe wax melts.

To get started, browse our online selection of products today. If you have any questions about our wax warmers or any of our other products, like our avian safe candles, reach out to us at contact@parrotsafedev.wpengine.com or call 856-242-7417 today!

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