Fruity Scents

Buy Fruit-Scented Avian-Safe Wax Melts Online

The fresh scent of bright, juicy fruits can instantly whisk you away to a tropical paradise. Our fruit-scented avian-safe wax melts for sale online come in many different varieties that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. From mangoes to bananas to coconuts and everything in between, you can choose from any of our parrot-safe wax melts to make your home feel like your personal oasis! Purchase our fruit-scented wax melts today to safely eliminate odors in your home while basking in the delightful aroma of fresh fruit.
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The Fruitiest Parrot-Safe Wax Melts

While other wax melts might contain harmful additives and oils that can compromise the health of your bird, Parrot Safe Candles makes sure that none of these chemicals are included! We understand that it can be difficult to find fruit-scented wax melts that are safe for birds. That’s why we’ve created our wax melts with the guidance of one of the leading avian vets in the country. This means that you can fill your home with the scent of ripe mangoes or juicy tangerines without putting the health of your feathery companion at risk. Choose your favorite fruit-scented avian-safe wax melt online today and create a tropical paradise in your home.

A Variety of Sweet, Parrot-Safe Scents

While you’re searching online for fruit-scented avian-safe wax melts, be sure to consider the other categories of scents we have available, including:

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