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Welcome to the world’s first avian-safe wax melt online shop! We invite you to browse our wide variety of products; some are tranquil and therapeutic, others invigorating and dramatic. We have everything from vibrant fruit-based options to evoke a sense of tropical vacation to bakery-inspired items that cater to your indulgent side. While we have plenty of enticing fragrances, we’re also proud that all of our products are bird-safe and utilize environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.
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Wax Melts vs. Candles: What’s The Difference?

If you are deciding between purchasing candles or wax melts but not quite sure what the difference is, we’re here to help! For a brief overview of how to use a wax melt: Place one (or more) on a warmer or melter. Then, light a tea light or, if you invest in an electric unit, switch on your heat warmer. (Note: It is not safe to burn tea light candles near birds as they can release toxic fumes.) When you’re all done, simply remove or turn off the heat source—the wax cools down and solidifies and, much like a candle, can be warmed up again when you’re ready!

What we love about wax melts is how they allow you to get creative with your fragrances. You can easily experiment with them by combining a few different scents to come up with your own “custom” smell. For example, you can take something citrus-based and melt it with another rustic scent for a unique profile. Or, you can combine two of our more natural scents to give you a comprehensive landscape of organic tones. On top of the mixing and matching options, you’ll have full control of the strength of each fragrance determined by the amount you include. When it comes to our avian-safe wax melts available online, the possibilities are virtually endless! You’re free to fuse our wax melts to come up with pleasant odors that are tailored precisely to your liking.

Parrot-Safe Scented Wax Melts

Not only do our wax melts smell excellent every time you fire your heater up, but they’re also absolutely ideal for bird owners. For many years, parrot owners had to give up the comfort of wax melts due to their toxicity when it comes to pet birds. Now, these same bird-owners can once again relax by candlelight (or in this case, melted wax warmth) without worrying about their winged companion’s health. Don’t worry, we do our due diligence— all of our parrot-safe scented products are tested and approved by trusted veterinarians.

At Parrot Safe Candles, we’re big on safety. None of our wax melts have phthalates, UVB chemical blockers, or added colors—components you’d find in your standard wax melt or candle. We’re proud of the fact that our wax is natural and safe for the whole family—including all of your feathered friends.

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While all of the bird-safe wax melts on our shop are safe across the board, we understand that no two wax melt scents are created equal. To find the perfect scent for you, follow the links below to jump to any of our wide variety of fragrances:

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