Seasonal Scents

Seasonal Scented Candles

No matter what time of year it is, there exists an assortment of beautiful smells that accompany every season. These aromas hearken back to traditions and activities we look forward to partaking in yet again; sipping egg-nog with family and friends during the holidays, tending to the garden when the weather finally warms up, late-night conversations out on the back porch during a beautiful summer night, and breaking out the ingredients of grandma’s famous pumpkin pie recipe. We understand that some of our most fond memories are linked to a pleasant smell, and that each month of the year brings about new scents that remind us of the good days and the even better days to come. This is why we’ve manufactured our unique parrot-safe season scented candles; to provide everyone an elegant keepsake of cozy nights, festivities, and everything in between.
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Learn more about all of our parrot-safe seasonal scented candles below:

Winter Scented Candles

From gathering with loved ones to waking up to a fresh blanket of snow outside, these winter-scented candles evoke seasonal foods and fun pastimes of the season.

Spring Scented Candles

Break out of your cabin fever and smell the roses (as well as other floral scents) with our spring scented candles that are as beautiful and fragrant as new blooms.

Summer Scented Candles

Transport yourself beachside with our summer scented candles that ensure a little vacation with only the lighting of a wick.

Fall Scented Candles

From subtle hints of sage and amber to powerful notes of snickerdoodle, our fall scented candles encapsulate the zeitgeist of autumn in effortless, nostalgic fashion.

Parrot-Safe Candles That Are Always In Season

All of our seasonal scented candles are crafted with your avian companion in mind. By using 100% soy wax in our candles, we’re proud to be the world’s first provider of parrot-safe candles. While our parrot-safe seasonal scented candles are great all year round, we also offer the following fragrances:

Cooking/Bakery Scented Candles
Fruit Scented Candles
Rustic Scented Candles
Nature Scented Candles

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