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Fill Your Home With Rustic Scents With Avian Safe Candles and Wax Melts

You can bring the evocative, calming aromas of the great outdoors into your home with the rustic scents of Parrot Safe Candles, the safest candles and wax melts in the world. These scents are reminiscent of nature’s most magnificent landscapes, ranging from the forest (Amber Oak Moss) to the seaside (Black Sea).
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These and other scents available from our shop allow you to bring a bit of the great outdoors into your home’s indoors without endangering the health of your pet bird. Birds and candles in the same house have never been a safe combination — until now! Our parrot-safe rustic scented candles are available online and make it possible for your whole family, including those with feathers, to enjoy some of the world’s best scents. This means that in addition to warmth and comfort, these candles and wax melts offer the peace of mind of knowing that your bird is safe.

Our rustic scents are available as candles and wax melts. They’re perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, hallway, or wherever you want to enjoy an aroma that’s refreshing, relaxing, and reminiscent of an outdoor paradise. Whether it’s the familiar scents of a forest or the exotic aromas of Europe’s Black Sea, rustic scents offer tranquility and escape from stress.

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