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Parrot-Safe Nature Candles Online

Our creations aren’t only sparked out of a desire for a great-smelling candle; they’re crafted with a cathartic experience in mind. Our parrot-safe nature-scented candles available online introduce a flowery fragrance to your home while providing therapeutic, soul-soothing effects each time you light the wick. Transform your living area into an exotic, botanical paradise with scents featuring notes of white sage, lavender, cactus flower, jade, and more! We invite you to shop our unique blends that combine scents flawlessly to produce a refreshing, clean aroma perfect for your living room, bedroom, and anywhere else you like to go and unwind.
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We believe in enjoying all kinds of natural scents, which is why we manufacture all of our products with environmentally-conscious materials. With 70% recycled glass, an all-natural cork top, and zero harsh additives, our candles take the focus off harmful chemicals and onto eco-friendly solutions to warm up and relax. While everyone in the home can reap the benefits of our nature-scented candles, it’s advantages aren’t limited to humans; in fact, these candles are safe for your avian friends, too!

Safe For Every Avian Species

Not only do all of our candles provide a floral escape for you and yours, but they’re also veterinarian approved! This means they’re safe for when you have a winged companion at your side. Where most scented candles give off harmful toxins to most bird’s respiratory systems, our parrot-safe nature-scented candles available you can shop online bring tranquility without the added worry of endangering your beloved pet.

Anything But Garden Variety

In addition to parrot-safe nature-scented candles available online, we offer the following:

Cooking/Bakery Scented Candles
Fruit Scented Candles
Rustic Scented Candles
Seasonal Scented Candles

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