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Parrot-Safe Fruit Candles Online

Fill your home with the fragrances of fresh mango, banana, and tangerine with our shop’s range of fruit-scented parrot-safe fruit candles online! When you buy from our online fruit-scented parrot-safe candle shop, you’ll be able to indulge in sweet, summery aromas that transform your space into a tropical getaway that’s safe for the entire family—including your avian friend!
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Fruit-Scented Avian-Safe Candle Online Shop

Not only do all of our parrot-safe fruit candles online provide a Caribbean vacation with just the lighting of a wick, but all of our products are also veterinarian approved, so you can rest assured that enjoying the candle’s light and aroma won’t pose any health hazards to your pet. The wax in each of our products is made from 100% soy, without any of the harsh additives typically found in scented candles. We craft our candles using recycled glass and all-natural cork tops to provide you a bird- and environmentally-conscious product.

When you are looking to curate a unique, refreshing habitat for you and your winged companion, shop our fruit-scented avian candles online for a safe, eco-friendly, and serene solution that’s perfect for eliminating odors in the home, entertaining guests, or just relaxing on the couch.

To Tropical Paradise…and Beyond!

For more information about all of our parrot-safe fruit candles available online, please contact us today! In addition to being able to buy our parrot-safe fruit-scented candles online, we offer the following aromas that evoke a distinct comfort and tranquility without posing a health risk for your parrot:

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