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Avian Safe Bakery Candle Online

Nothing encapsulates “appetizing” quite like strolling down Main Street on a pleasant day and picking up on the smell of pies, cakes, strudel, and other pastries permeating out of the bakery and down the block—but we’re proud to have come pretty close! With our avian-safe bakery-scented candles available online, you’ll be able to bring the scents of indulgent treats from the bakery right to your living area. Inspired by some of our favorite baked goods, our candles introduce an intoxicatingly delicious character profile to your home. From pumpkin pie and coconut lime to spiced strudel and vanilla cream and more, we’re sure to carry something the entire family can enjoy.

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We understand the importance of relational memory when it comes to our candles; from bringing back fond memories of baking to creating new ones in the kitchen with your family, we strive to provide products that not only bring warmth and light but comfort and relaxation to everyone in the home. While this applies to every occupant and guest in the house, we’ve designed our products with one of the most important family members in mind—your beloved parrot!

Parrot-Safe Bakery Scented Candles

Not only are our bakery-scented candles pleasant to have around for aesthetic purposes, but they’re also parrot-safe! Crafted from 100% soy wax, our avian-safe bakery-scented candles available online let you enjoy the light and bakery smell without putting your winged friend’s health at risk. Now that’s one baked good that’s too delicious to turn down!

A Finger in Every Pie

In addition to our avian-safe bakery-scented candles available online, we also craft the following scents:

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