The worlds one and only Parrot safe candles.

We are proud to be able to offer candles that are safe for all of the avian members of your family, from the tiniest finches to the largest macaws. All of the ingredients used in our candles have been reviewed for safety by Dr. Clubb, one of the nation’s leading avian vets. We’re so confident in our products, that we use them in our own homes around our birds!

Birds, dogs, cats, and other animals all have a distinct smell that permeates the home. Even when you clean your home regularly, these odors may still persist. Our pet safe candles are helpful in eliminating odors and filling your home with a light, pleasant scent.
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Cooking/Bakery Scents

Some of our most popular candle scents are those that smell like freshly baked pies, cookies, and pastries. From the minute you light the candle, you’ll begin to fill your home with the sweet, warm aroma that is sure to bring fond memories of holiday get-togethers and time spent baking with family. Check out our selection of bakery scented candles.

Fruit Scents

Escape to a tropical getaway with the refreshing scents of fruits like mango, banana, tangerine, coconut, and lime. These candles are perfect for a warm summer’s day, or any time you want to fill your home with the uplifting scent of ripe fruit. You can browse our selection of fruit-scented candles.

Nature Scents

Looking for inspiration? Our nature scents feature florals and botanicals like lavender, sage, and cactus flower. These natural scents are just the thing to enjoy while reading, sipping your favorite tea, or simply relaxing on the couch. These fresh scents will leave your home smelling clean. Find your favorite nature-scented candle when you shop at our online store.

Rustic Scents

For adventurous spirits who yearn to explore the great outdoors, our rustic scents are the ideal choice. You can transport yourself to the middle of the woods, with leaves crunching under your boots, or to the seashore, the salt air filling your nose. Even if you live in the middle of the city, your favorite outdoor destination is never far when you select one of our rustic-scented candles. You can find our current selection in our online store.

Seasonal Scents

Few scents evoke warm, nostalgic feelings the way that our favorite seasonal scents do. They’re a reminder of times spent gathered together, enjoying tasty treats, singing songs, and exchanging gifts. Indulge in scents like warm cinnamon buns, gingerbread, eggnog, peppermint mocha, and more. Our seasonal-scented candles are perfect to light during the holiday season to spread a little cheer — and they also make a great gift for the pet owner in your life who loves candles!

Buy Avian Safe Candles Online
If you’re ready to experience the joy of candles in your home once again, check out our selection of candles for sale online that are safe for parrots and other pets. Plus, you can get free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Questions about our products? Feel free to contact us.

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