The Best Avian-Safe Scented Candles in the UK

Parrot Safe Candles has been offering avian-safe scents to stateside bird owners, who have enjoyed the benefits of warm and enticing aromas with no risk of harm to their feathered friends. Now, we are excited to announce that customers in the UK can purchase the best scented candles for bird owners! Thanks to our distributors, we can now offer our full line of products to bird lovers in England and other parts of the UK and Europe, including Bulgaria, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and beyond!

Regardless of whether you are searching for candles, wax melts, or wax warmers, we are pleased to be able to offer our avian-safe products to our friends in the UK. You can enjoy a wide variety of light, airy scents, without having to worry about causing harm to birds or other pets in your home. We hope that you’ll agree these are the best scented candles in the UK. There are candle and wax melt scents that are sure to please just about everyone — from sweet and fruity to warm and rustic — that are certain to delight the senses.

Why Parrot Safe Candles Are the Best Scented Candles in the UK

Most people who keep birds as pets know that normal scented candles can be toxic to these animals. That’s because they contain ingredients like petroleum-based waxes, UV blockers, and phthalates, which can be very dangerous for a bird’s sensitive respiratory system. Parrot Safe Candles are the first product scented candle product that is truly safe to use around your birds. In fact, we use these products in our own homes!

If you are interested in purchasing large scented candles, wax melts, or electric warmers that are safe to use around your birds, check out the extensive inventory at Parrot Safe Candles.

Ordering Our Bird-Safe Wax Melt Scents and Candles

We do our utmost to make sure that your order makes it to your home country without a hitch. As the best scented candles provider for UK residents, we can cut down both time and costs for your shipping when you choose to order through our Euro & UK distributor, Northern Parrots. We can make your ordering experience a seamless one, saving you money and providing your home with a bold new aroma!

Whether you are looking for the smell of a freshly baked pie or a summertime campfire, you can recreate that scent in your home without any health risks to your bird. You can order the best scented candles available in the UK in any part of Europe, including Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Bulgaria! If you are a bird owner from across the pond and looking for the perfect avian-safe scents for your home, reach out to Parrot Safe Candles and our distributors to get started on your order today!


Is there anything in the full catalog that is unavailable to UK buyers?

Nope! Everything in our full catalog is available to all UK buyers. From our wax melts to our scented candles, customers in the UK and Europe can have access to the world’s first avian-safe aromas.

Will the electric wax warmer plug work in the UK?

Since the US and the UK have different power outlets, our European buyers will be required to have an adapter on hand in order to use our electric wax warmers. If you do not own an adapter, they are relatively inexpensive and can be found in stores and online.