How Do I Clean My Wax Melt Warmer?

Homeowners always want their spaces to smell their absolute best. They can use a variety of candles and wax melts to elevate their house and make it an enjoyable scented experience. While cleaning an empty candle holder is simple, what about safely cleaning a wax melt warmer? These electrical devices require a more delicate approach than your average candle holder, and the Parrot Safe Candles team is here to walk you through cleaning your wax melt warmer. 

What Is a Wax Melt Warmer?

For those that have exclusively shopped our lineup of candles, you may not have as much experience with our wax melts or the process in which you safely use them. Since your standard wax melt doesn’t have a wick, a warmer device is utilized to heat the cubes and deliver the same fragrant punch as a full-sized candle. 

Wax melt warmers can generally be found in salons, waiting rooms, and residential homes to boost the space’s fragrance. If you have decided that wax melts are the way you want to keep your home smelling its best, you’ll have some questions about how to clean and take care of your device. 

How Often Do I Clean My Wax Melt Warmer?

As you use your device more often, you want to do everything you can to keep it as clean and functional as possible. One of the most important questions you need to answer about its maintenance is — how often do I actually have to clean my wax melt warmer? 

How often you clean and maintain your model depends entirely on the frequency you use it. In a perfect world, you would clean the warmer after each use to prevent excess wax from building up, remove any debris, and prevent any potential lasting damage. However, life can get in the way, and you may forget to clean it after every use — and that’s ok. Try to get into the habit of cleaning it before putting a new melt onto the heating plate to avoid mishaps. 

So — How Do I Clean My Wax Melt Warmer?

Now that you know how often you should clean your device, the question boils down to the process. What materials do you need to clean it safely, and do you need specialized supplies? While you don’t need industrial-grade cleaning solutions, you do need a particular set of tools, including:

  • Heat Resistant Gloves or Oven Mitt
  • Sponge
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Mineral Oil
  • Cotton Rag
  • Cotton Balls
  • Paper Towels
  • Flexible Silicone Spatula
  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Magic Eraser Sponge

Step-By-Step Cleaning Process

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to start cleaning your warmer. Follow these steps and get your device ready for its next wax melt:

  • Heat the Wax: It’s always easier to clean wax when it’s in a liquid state. The harder the wax, the more difficult it becomes to remove. Turn the device on until the wax has started to liquefy. 
  • Unplug the Device: Now that the wax has become more liquidy, turn the warmer off. If you leave it on while you begin cleaning, the increasing temperature can make cleaning more difficult. Allow the warmer time to cool down to avoid potentially burning yourself. 
  • Remove the Wax: Put your heat-resistant gloves on and wipe away the residual wax. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe and absorb the material and remove any lingering debris. 
  • Dispose of the Wax: Once you remove the wax from the interior walls, dispose of it in the nearest trash can unless you plan on reusing it. 
  • Clear Interior Residue: Double-check the interior of your warmer to ensure all residue has been removed.
  • Remove Wax From the Exterior: If you notice any wax dripping along the sides, clean and polish it to help keep it looking fresh. 

Refill Your Wax Melt Warmer With Parrot Safe Candles!

Now that you know how to clean the wax warmer efficiently, you’ll want to have an array of wax melts ready to refill. Thankfully, Parrot Safe Candles has a vast selection of wax melts for sale in Delran, NJ, right now! Visit our online store and find your new favorite scents today!

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