Repurpose and Recycle — Making Better Use of Old Candle Jars

After filling your home with the wonderful scents from Parrot Safe Candles, you may find yourself with a growing collection of old and used candle jars lying around. Most people may find themselves tossing these old holders into the trash or recycling bin without a thought to how they can repurpose their non-toxic candle holders […]

Can I Make My Home Smell Like Cooking Without the Cleanup?

People have different scents that they love. For some, it’s a fresh mountain stream, while others may love the smell of a roasting campfire or whatever is coming from the kitchen. If the kitchen is your aroma of choice, you don’t even need to leave the house to get those smells circulating. What you do […]

Start 2022 Off Right With a Parrot Safe Candle Subscription

Finding a great smelling candle that doesn’t harm your exotic bird’s sensitive respiratory system is something bird owners have searched high and low for over the years. First, settling on a brand that puts the birds’ safety above the ability to mass-produce the candles at a competitive price can prove challenging, but combining that with […]

Trouble Choosing a Holiday Scented Candle? We Can Help!

The holidays bring up a wealth of memories of times spent with family, friends, and loved ones. Whether it’s time spent at your grandparent’s house or time spent with your immediate family, each holiday has a special place in your heart since certain scents can trigger specific memories and remind you of these special times […]

Why is Paraffin Wax So Harmful to Birds?

There’s no shortage of reasons why people love burning candles — they serve as natural air fresheners, unique decorations, and effective stress relievers all at once. However, while they offer many advantages to people, these products might not be healthy for your pet parrot. Paraffin wax, a substance that most avian vets agree is dangerous […]

Take Your Stay-Cation to The Next Level With The Perfect Scents

There are times where you want to go on a nice long vacation but can’t swing it. With so many responsibilities taking up our time, carving out time for you to plan an actual getaway can prove challenging. In the cases where you can’t travel for your vacation, people have opted for stay-cations to stay […]

Your Favorite Scents Are Returning to Parrot Safe Candles in Time for Fall — And Two New Ones!

As we hit September, the days begin to shorten, the leaves are getting ready to fall and change color, and people are flocking to their nearest coffee shops for pumpkin-spiced everything. With fall rapidly approaching, you may want to infuse the blissful fall aromas to your home a little early. Seasonal scented candles from Parrot […]

Safer Candles for Birds Means Safer Candles for You

Candles have been a consistent form of light and heat throughout human history. They represent the first ways that our ancestors illuminated their homes. With most of our homes running on electricity, candles have shifted away from being the sole source of light to being a more decorative part of the home. Additions to the […]