3 Common Household Hazards for Your Birds and Safer Alternatives

While you probably know that you should keep chemicals stored safely away from any pets or children in your household. However, because of how a bird’s respiratory system works, there is additional danger from some common items in your home. Here are three of the most common hazards for your birds, along with some safer […]

The Benefits of Burning Candles at Home

For those of us who love candles, you know that there is just something wonderful about lighting one and letting that sweet scent fill the air of your home. However, if you also share your home with a bird, then you might have stashed all of your candles in the back of a cabinet somewhere. […]

Improving Indoor Air Quality When You Live with Birds

As much as we love our birds, there’s no denying that having them in the house can reduce your indoor air quality (especially if you live with a “dusty” bird, like a cockatoo or African grey). However, poor air quality can lead to health problems for both humans and birds, which is why you should […]

How a Parrot’s Respiratory System Works

At Parrot Safe Candles, we take avian health seriously. It’s why we designed our candles to be safe and non-toxic for birds (and humans, too). But why are parrot-safe candles important? The answer lies in how a parrot’s respiratory system works. By looking at the diagram above, you’ll notice that birds have lungs, just like […]