Can Candles Lose Their Scent if Stored for Too Long?

One of the biggest questions candle shoppers have is how long their scented candles will last. While some people may think that question pertains to how long its burn time is, it revolves around the scent itself more often than not. When you shop for pet-safe candles, people want to know if the scented candle expires because the smell you originally brought the candle for goes away. Does it degrade over time if you don’t light the jar candle quickly enough? 

Figuring out if your stock of stored scented candles has an expiration date isn’t as simple as looking at the bottom of the candle to check for a date. Multiple factors help determine how long a scented candle will last before the scent goes away. For most candles, it comes down to what it was made with. 

Do Candles Actually Expire?

Candles don’t expire in the same way that perishable foods can. While food can spoil fairly quickly and give off that rotting smell that lets you know something is wrong, candles provide a different experience entirely. If they aren’t properly stored, discoloration and loss of fragrance are the most common signs that your candle has “expired.” 

The construction of your candle also significantly impacts how long you can effectively use and store your candle before its quality gets affected. Whether your candle was made with paraffin or natural ingredients will determine how long your candle will last. 

Paraffin Wax Vs. Natural Materials

Most big-name candle companies utilize paraffin to make some of their highest-selling products. When stored properly, paraffin wax candles can be stored almost indefinitely and still maintain their fragrance. However, paraffin candles are extremely harmful to your pet’s lungs. As these candles burn, they let off toxic chemicals that don’t mix well with their hyper-efficient lungs. 

If you opt for candles utilizing soy wax and other eco-friendly natural ingredients, your pets will thank you for the less abrasive and toxic smells permeating your home. However, you will have a shorter time frame to burn your scented candles. With natural ingredient candles, you typically want to use your candles within one to two years after your initial purchase. 

What Causes Candles to Lose Their Color and Scent?

We’ve talked about how the materials used in making the candles have a definitive impact on the candle’s longevity, but what exactly causes it to degrade in the first place? For most candles, improper storage is the number one cause of degradation. 

Improper storage tends to revolve around leaving the candles outside their protective holders and placing them in direct sunlight for extended periods. Usually, candles are storedm this way when left on mantelpieces and as decorative adornments instead of for improved home fragrance and air fresheners. 

Proper Storage Techniques

To keep your candles fresher for longer, you want to know how to properly store them to protect them from the elements. Keeping your candle out of direct sunlight will preserve the fragrance oil and natural ingredients from degrading faster than normal. You can move them to a slightly shadier spot on the window sill to protect them from that direct UV radiation. 

Storing your candles in an airtight container will also help elongate their lifespan when not used. Most candles come with a lid you can place on top after burning your cotton wick, but an airtight plastic box will do the trick in a pinch for candles that don’t have that lid. 

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When you need a new scented candle, how you store it plays an important role in its longevity. While paraffin wax candles can last for an extended period, they could come at the expense of your furry and feathered friend’s long-term health. That’s where Parrot Safe Candles can help give you an alternative. 

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